Grad Dresses

Ellie Wilde


Offering perfect homecoming and grad dresses, that’s beyond your wildest dreams! From simple and timeless to trendy and fashion forward, Ellie Wilde formal dresses are designed for every wilde child!



Fashion for the Spotlight... Fashion for the Moment. Landa Designs has been manufacturing and designing grad dresses and formal dresses since 1987. Our main collection, Splash Prom by Landa Designs, is widely recognized in the industry. Our headquarters are located in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Custom order your grad dress or choose from our in-store collections!

Lots of color this year! Have fun with it. We have plenty of in-store grad dresses and formal dresses to choose from, by the most popular designers going. Book your Escorts tuxedo at the same time to get a truly matched look.


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